Saturday, November 15, 2014

Play Wit Me Fall!

The last poem of Was That a Breeze? was written about the leaves from this tree in Oct.2013.

I took this picture of Brody yesterday before he headed off to his day of Kindergarten. (He was four in the poems.) This week, morning Fall, finally came to the desert. How glorious to wear a hood and peel bark off the tree!

My self-published book Was That A Breeze? also has a new season. It now resides in the poetry section in an independent bookstore in the town where I live. I am perfectly happy with this!  I owe my courage (to take it there to have it reviewed) to two people, my sister Jean and a woman I only know through blogs and a few emails.  Her glorious words to me will live on in my heart. What did she say? Ready? Simple Yet Profound. I just love her words! Who was it? Ready. Her name is Susan Adcox . A sweet breeze in the desert! Visit her Facebook Page here at About Grandparenting.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nana on the Shelf 2014

This was thee costume Brody decided on. His advice... Nana, make an up and down collar and wear white gloves. For this photo Elf should have pulled her hat down. Are elves bald?
We went into the night and saw some very creepy things. It is mind boggling to witness the elaborate decorating  people do for Halloween.  The neighborhood we visited had movies on garage doors, entire houses transformed into images of spiders, skeletons, graveyards, and ghosts, sound effects everywhere. I'm starting to think Halloween has less to do with the candy (treats) and more to do with the tricks (technology).
The evolution of trick or treating, interacting with digital images in a driveway. The hosts had a popcorn machine and were dishing out free bags. Here's Olaf with his friends a Minion, and Ana and Elsa, who were inseparable. Every time they looked at me the pair chanted Elf on the Shelf Elf on the Shelf. 
I think I look like Lucy from the Old Lucy show or maybe Ethel Mertz.

Ethel of the Shelf
Ethel on the Shelf

Olaf and Elf on The Shelf

Kenz the Incredible Scarecrow. Kenz was out trick or treating with her friends.
 Elf and Olaf missed her.  Can't wait to hear about her night.


And now for the season of pumpkin pies

Flying into the future!



Friday, October 31, 2014

The things you do for Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Brody started planning my costume about a month ago.  It was decided that I would be Peppa Pig, a cartoon character I am not familiar with, but one he adores. After scoring the pig nose for 2 bucks I bought a red shirt and felt relieved that I had my costume.

 Turns out the nose was very annoying. I wore it around the house for practice and it left a big red dent, plus I couldn't breathe.  I called Brody to discuss this unexpected change in plans. He decided I should be Elsa or the other one, Ana.  We saw the movie last Christmas, which was a nice memory. Easy, I thought. A blue dress and a necklace. I already have the blonde hair.  I found the necklace at a thrift shop where the young tattooed clerk agreed, perfect for Ana or Elsa.  I searched high and low for a blue gown. No luck. Came home to my closet and decided to wear this turquoise one. Beautiful, matches the necklace. I was feeling good that I had not donated away the dress that I wore to my sister Joni's wedding many years ago.

I called Kenz  and told her about my decision. Did you get a light blue dress, Nana?  No I have a light turquoise green one. That won't work she said, No one will know who you are!

Then when Brody got a glimpse of my new costume he agreed, that is not the dress in Frozen.
Plus Nana, my friend that is going trick or treating with us is going to be Elsa and that would be just plain weird if you both were her. (His words exactly!)

So today, is the big day. After work I will be going into the night with Brody, his parents and his friends on the annual trick or treat of the whole neighborhood, the block and blocks full of Halloween fanatics!

I have my costume ready and it's none of the above.  If you're interested check back. I will have photos.  Yes, lots of photos and new memories from Halloween 2014!

Have fun everyone. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hello Visitors

and once again I welcome back


Oh hi there, Sigh. Saturday. Yes! always a delight!

 Yesterday was the last day of FALL BREAK for Kenz and Brody. They were both over here visiting Daba. When I got home from my Friday they had already gone home.( Daba, why do you look so tired?) It was about 6:45 and already dark. Once I kicked off my shoes and had some food, I explored the house for clues of the day. I sort of know how things were when I left. These were the evidences of discovery and play just a few. I have the feeling Daba was straightening up a few of the we won't call them messes. They are never messes! They are explorations. As we say in my Poetry class, these children are FORAGERS.

I found my doll, the one I keep in my bedroom kicking it way back. Wow, she had here legs crossed and she was reclining. The only thing missing was her pen and paper in hand.
Ah hah, the elf was here! I can just imagine Brody wearing this on his darling head, don't exactly know what he thinks about
when he has it on.

Not sure whose hand Kenz is holding. I will have to call Brody. But I must say he captured Kenzie's legs, Tall and lean Look how her eyes are looking down! Brody likes to draw and he is naturally good at it!
A wall pic from the back of the closet. I hope someone was studying the butterflies!
A collage! A poem as lovely as a tree!
The bottom shelf undone! Wonderful!

Brody made this little green finger pot when he was about three. It was not here when I left this morning.
 He must have had his six- year old fingers on it! I know he enjoys it. I usually keep it right next  to the one his dad made when
he was in preschool.

AH nice and quiet and a good weekend ahead!
Peace and love and happy foraging to all!


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