Sunday, August 31, 2014


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day weekend! Since the Miranda concert, I have been laboring to figure out what the draw is. I consider myself 'hip' having been a hippy and living my young years in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. I am accepting and open to all sorts of entertainment so I don't know what it is about  Miranda's style of entertaining that has me left me Led Zepplin dazed and confused.

Last weekend Miranda came to our town.  Kenzie had her tickets months in advance. Her bff and her bff's sister and bffs were all going. My daughter Shelley, Kenzie's mom, had a ticket. She was driving, and at the last minute I was going along. Shelley really wanted my company. I have to say I was very curious having seen Kenzie's anticipation and excitement. 
When we arrived at the hip downtown theater a young guy ahead of me was getting a refund. The ticket lady told me I was very lucky... I would be in the third row! I was much closer than the seats Kenz and her friends had bought long ago.

 Miranda has dedicated fans that are old people!
Ya know, older than 30 and some way older!

Kenz had her tee transfer carefully ironed on. She is spectacular at imitating the Miranda persona and nasal voice!

Miranda style red lips. I saw hundreds of faces like these.

I tried to enjoy the show. Really I did try. Maybe I needed the lips. I always look for the best in everything.  I have to say Miranda whose real name is Colleen Ballinger has a very good voice. She showcased it for about five minutes of the show, the rest of the time it was loud, screechy and silly. And this is when her fans, (Mirfandas) went nuts. The screaming was so loud, my ears were ringing. 
 Yesterday, I finally had a chance to ask my granddaughter Kenzie, who is an intelligent, bright discerning, almost twelve year old, "Why is Miranda so special to so many?"
"Well, Nana," she lectured, "Miranda has 350 million hits on her You Tube videos. She has millions of subscribers. She's unique. She created a character that is crazy, that is funny. She is different."  I told Kenzie I could see Miranda being like a friend on Facebook or Instragram. Miranda has been doing her You Tube videos for seven or more years. Her fans check in with her, get familiar with her, relate to her. Kenzie agreed with my theory. Still, I am wondering about the enormity of this gal's success. (I am starting to wonder if I will be mesmerized and become a Miranda fan maybe without even trying!)
I told my daughter after the Miranda thing, that the big fad when she was about Kenzie's age were the Creation Station tee shirts. They were tie-dyed, create your very own, pick your colors, get a variety, strive for uniqueness. 

Miranda might just be entertainment individualism embodied! 

If you are curious, visit the site below. If you can shed some light on this Miranda thing come back and leave a comment. I will sincerely appreciate it!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Was That A Week?

A summer long ago, my mother and her sister Denise 

Wandering thoughts

Here we are in very late August. The clouds on my drive home from work were spectacular. All week they were incredible. They are so beautiful I have to turn away, watch the road. The ceiling fan is turning. I remind myself that it is Friday night. TGI. Work was intense. All of a sudden the hospital was full. Dinner is done. Wild caught Soho Salmon. I'm grateful to be home and healthly. Relax your shoulders. Let you jaw relax. The air conditioning has it's own song. I listen to it now that I am aware that it has been non-stop. The week has been the same. My daughter will have her birthday Monday. When I put a number on her years, it doesn't make sense that she is not a teenager anymore, not even a twenty something, but a thirty something. The only sound I hear now is my fingers clicking my laptop keys.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Let this be a lesson to me!

Nana on the Maid of the Mist

Let this be a lesson to me!

     A few months back it was decided that I would be the one from our hospital unit that would  attend this year's Annual Conference in Buffalo, New York. Our Nurse Manager Anna did not have it in her budget for us both to go. You go, she said, but under one condition, you better have some fun at Niagara, do the social activity. I had read the brochure and had already assured myself that my good time would be had while standing in the viewing area. I was not going to get in that crazy rocking boat that was just inches from the thundering Falls. I did not tell Anna this. We'll see what happens, I told her.
     The conference was very worthwhile, the focus being the future of Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation. I was glad to be there listening to the many dedicated individuals that live their lives focused on the outcomes of patients admitted to Rehabs across the country. These units are sometimes part of hospitals or free standing. On staff at each rehab is a team of  Rehab Docs, Rehab Nurses, PCTs, Case Managers, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists. There are less than 1500 acute Inpatient Rehabs in the United States, a relatively small number, but an absolute essential part of aftercare for people that have had strokes, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and other serious medical problems. Medicare is again making changes that the Rehab industry is preparing for.  Rehabs will need strategies to continue providing the level of care that they do.
     When Thursday  arrived, it was announced that the social activity bus would be outside the Conference Center at 4:45 PM. I would have just enough time to run up to my hotel room, put on my comfortable shoes and grab a jacket.  The wind was blowing and grey clouds were gathering when I made my way to the tour bus. I stepped up and to my surprise found the bus to be almost empty. I got a seat near the window then heard someone say my name. Hi Connie, you're going on the boat? It was Joan, an RN PPS Coordinator from Ohio. We had been at the same table a few days earlier. She must have remembered seeing my name tag. I remembered hers. Oh I don't know I told her, looks a little scary. She was sitting with an older woman and a teenager. Then my mom will stay with you, she said smiling. And my daughter too! I moved back a few seats to sit with them. We chatted and were soon at the Niagara Falls.  Joan's mother had been on the boat in 1959, for her honeymoon. The Maid of the Mist  has been taking the tourists out on the river since 1846. Before I knew it I was part of the history, paying my $17.00 for the boat ride. There was no turning back. I had on my blue poncho and was climbing on to the top deck of the big tug boat.  I did get a nice mist and thrill! It was a little scary, but if I hadn't done it I may never have experienced the awesomeness of the 600,000 gallons of water per second. I would not have really been to... Niagara. (And Anna would have been disappointed!)
     Some things cannot be explained. I didn't know Joan. I didn't really have a plan for the social night. I was alone and was going to enjoy the Falls from afar  or so I thought.  Isn't  Providence wonderful?  The Universe has a plan way better than the one we have up our sleeves. Let this be a lesson to me!

 Life is a natural wonder!
Joan and her mother.

Joan's mother

Wonderful Perspective

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