Sunday, December 3, 2017

Merry Morgan

Merry Morgan getting a taste of her first Christmas season which her brother Brody will blow out of the water.
 She is nine months old!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The best thing about 2008!

I can almost tell time by the color of my room, especially when I wake up. The southern exposure allows the sun to slowly creep through the blinds. Today it was about 630 AM, I guessed, as I reached for my spectacles on the table next to the bed. After all, I am a granny. Grannies wear specs. In my thick red framed glasses, I headed for the kitchen to brew up my big cup of coffee. As I french pressed the organic french roast into the cup, the sun greeted the whole countertop and slanted against the wall ---smiling.

Something was special about this morning. I felt a strong sense of gratitude. Maybe I slept well, maybe I ate well yesterday. I passed up the morning paper, which I usually read before prepping for work. It must be the cooler mornings and the end of summer, a promise that is coming to the desert in October, I mused while reaching for my journal.

But then, low and behold, as I wrote the date September 13th on the top of a fresh blue lined page, I remembered. My heart rejoiced.

Today is Brody's birthday! Today is his real birthday. We had celebrated on Sunday with a family party, but today belongs to him.

A note: Brody was born in 2008 and he was the best thing ever that happened that year! Somehow, I feel like the last nine years has gone faster than it did with Kenzie.

Another note: The thing about grand parenting is that you know these children have chosen your family.  This may sound metacrazy, (made this word up) but, so many times, I have experienced such a kinship with both of these kids. A kinship of souls. Daba would tell you the same.  I am forever grateful to my children for their children!  Let the birthday begin!

This guy is destined for greatness!

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