Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fresh Air Allergies

A few posts ago we looked at the importance of children getting out into the fresh air. But, there is an exception to this and that is when the child has seasonal allergies that are aggravated by being in nature. My granddaughter has allergies to a particular tree that blooms in our corner of our world in mid-April and lasts until late June. She does well on Claritin for kids during those two months, especially if she doesn't spend alot of time outdoors. Even so, the outdoors does come indoors because pollen likes to travel. It hitches rides on shoes, dogs, newspapers and late spring breezes. When a whiff of it hits her nose she starts to stuff. When a titch of it makes contact with her eyes they become itchy and red.
Remember Polaroid cameras? Her sensitivities manifest right before my eyes in the same fashion. In seconds the whole picture says--- "something got to you." Late Spring is incredibly beautiful where we live. The air temperature is perfect and the scenery is 'postcard.' (Does anyone send those things anymore?) But, for a little person with allergies the solution is the picture window, looking out of one that is. Above are some pictures of alternative Spring play solutions. The Children's gyms are great. They usually don't have windows because they are located in storefronts. Some have open play times in addition to the scheduled classes. The children and adults have to be shoeless in the play area so that helps to eliminate one more of the offending allergen carriers. Another alternative is the mall play area. It gets safer to take your grandchildren there as April exits, because the colds and flu's usually have made an exit by this time, too. Today we discovered another possibility for a jaunt or a meeting with friends and that is at a bookstore. If you can find a large popular bookstore, they may have a children's area (in the children's section) where the scenery is quite nice and the atmosphere is conducive to imagination games. I'm sure it will also become a nice spot to escape the coming summer heat.

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