Friday, June 15, 2007

A Welcome Morning

A well cleaned house can deliver quality rest. I usually clean my own house. My daughter, on the other hand, never puts on rubber gloves. She depends on hired help to keep her abode sanitized and sane. Yesterday, I decided to give her 'maids' a try. They were super! This morning I walked around my house making inspections. The toilet paper was folded in pretty triangles. (Does this really matter?) The mirrors were spotless and the floors dirtless. With no pressing morning chores (other than heaps of laundry), I slipped into my walking shoes to head out before the heat descended. As I opened the front door I looked down and noticed that the WELCOME Mat was--- welcoming me. I don't know if the cleaning ladies turned it around on purpose when they swept the porch, or if it was an over site. It doesn't matter, I love it this way! The morning was talkin' to me--- "welcome to my world." 'Quality rest' extends to the soul when life's chores are delegated. (Did I make that up?)

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