Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kenzie's World

I know the CDC recommends that children wash their hands singing Happy Birthday, but after awhile it gets a little boring to repeat the same song. This month Kenz and I changed it to one she learned at school--- The Continent Song.

Tell me the continents
Tell me the continents
Name all seven of them

North America, South America
Africa, Europe and Asia

Don’t forget Australia
Don’t forget Antarctica

Tell me the continents
Tell me the continents
Name all seven of them.

After two rounds of the song her hands are clean and we have been around the world! (Her voice can be heard singing gleefully in public restrooms throughout the city).

I was probably in fifth grade before I knew the world map. Montessori has taught Kenz concepts I wouldn't have even thought to introduce. She is five and half and without frustration is doing simple addition and subtraction. She prints and... writes in cursive and makes miniature books everyday. She is, at her own pace, learning to sound out words... learning to read, which is bringing her (and me) much joy. I want to share the email the teacher sent out last week. It makes me wish I was in preschool.

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to summer. Almost. Time to stock up on sunscreen.

The month of May is half-way over, but the Primary children have been quite busy. As some of you witnessed, we had a giant Kapok tree in the middle of our classroom. The children really enjoyed adding their own foliage, birds and vines to bring it to life.

We also talked a lot about the animals of the Rainforest, particularly the Anaconda and other snakes. I hope everyone enjoyed the baby pythons that came home. The children were also fascinated by the tiny, poisonous tree frog job that was introduced. A great many colorful booklets were made.

During our last week of school in May, we are going to spend some time practicing our Grace & Courtesy lessons in the classroom. We all need reminders on classroom etiquette and how we treat others and the school. The children love practicing how to greet each other, speak softly, interrupt each other, and speak kindly to everyone.

When we return in June, we will be introducing the beach, Hawaii, and the animals found in the ocean. June will also be filled with art. From the earliest art discovery (cave art), to impressionism, abstract, and modern art. We can’t wait.


Angeline said...

songs are always the best way to learn facts or stuff that seem so tough to get into the brain....

Hmmm...I wonder how does the tune goes...?

Dorothy said...

I'm sending your link to
my daughter for her five
year old. Great post.

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

threadhead said...

I was thinking that I needed to checkout and see if there were other grandma's out there that were as "crazy" as I am....fantastic! I think I need to blog about being a Yia Yia of 5 beautiful grandchildren. This blog entry hit me between the eyes because I teach an online long distance international Montessori Teacher Training Course! Oh, I can't tell you how many classes of children I've sung the Continents Song to....LOL! Montessori once again pops its head up! Blessings, Karen...Yia Yia in Nebraska

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