Thursday, June 19, 2008


I think it would be cool if someone turned their text messages into a book. Texts between tweens, teens, lovers, marrieds, or siblings could reveal lots about those relationships. This is a sample of the daily back and forth jots between my daughter (Kenz's mom) and me.

Nana's INBOX

she's fine

I don't know yet

not really

she's sleeping I have nothing to eat here it's annoying

watched movie, Kenz is about to fall asleep

wanna bring us mcdonalds?

she's already asleep

we are going swimming

she is doing her Perlers

Nana's SENT

do you and Kenz wanna come here and eat?

how is precious package?

I am going to sleep, goodnite girls

who is picking up today?

her bathing suit is in her backpack

how was your dinner? did Kenz eat good after her gymnastic workout?

Texting is great for the daily communications that don't really need a phone call. Texting saves time and keeps people connected. I have used texting to send lonnng messssagesss when I needed to explain my position. Conversations in print are better when voices may sound angry or tired and cranky.

How did we ever live without textings?


Angeline said...

Thank the One who created A-Z, man!

(Sorry Nana, I thought you were Kenz's Mommy. So Kenz stay with you alone or does she NOt stay with you?)

Connie said...

Kenz spends a little bit of most of the week with me. She is with her parents the other times. I day cared her for the first four years. She has a whole bunch of people who love her madly!

Dorothy said...

I think I'll pass on reading my teenagers texting..might floor me..

ha....what I don't know won't hurt...

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call your gram

Nina Lewis said...

My thumbs and fingers are too retarded to text much. Maybe if I did it more often . . .

~T. said...

I gave a daughter up for adoption many many moons ago, and the way we got to know each other for the first time was through text messages, I saved every bit of them and plan to put them into some kind of book for her. It's how she found out about where she comes from and who she is :o)

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