Friday, October 31, 2008

To You

Kenz sometimes writes my name Nanana. When I pick her up from Kindergarten, I hear one of the teachers say, "Nanna's here." Maybe she is trying to spell Nanna.

Ever since Kenz could make letters, she's been gifting her papers to different family members: To Nana, To Daba, To Mom, To Dad. She must be thinking about us at school. Occasionally, I ask her if the other children do this and she will say something like, "Alissa's grandma doesn't live here so she writes- To Mom."

I am grateful for each of my papers and have a huge collection. Thank goodness for scanners. I have a file called Kenzie's art. Once I scan a paper, I still have a real hard time throwing it away. By the time she is in eighth grade, I will be over my head in papers, like I am with my books, magazines, flyers, letters etc. Ahh! Words... and grandchildren....gotta love em and gotta treasure them.

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Jill said...

What a precious little angel Kenz is. She loves her nana so much, it's obvious. Love that picture of you and her on your blog! You DO NOT look like a grandma!

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