Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Suite

This past week, Kenz and I and her mom took an overnight trip to Phoenix to visit the zoo. We stayed in a Suite (a bargain Internet special) that had a little kitchen that Kenz enjoyed, thoroughly. After arriving and spending an hour playing in the suite, we went out for sushi and pizza. Then we got a good walk in, checking out a mall we'd never seen before. Afterwards, we headed back to the room to watch American Idol suite style. We retired early for our big day at the Zoo. The alarm went off at 8 AM, and Kenz wide awake, and rearing to go served us some orange juice over ice cubes she had made the night before. The pass- through window had become a restaurant, the speciality being microwave mac and cheese and cheddar chex mix. It was good, but we ate again because we didn't want to pass up the complimentary hotel breakfast. It was free!

What was happening at the zoo was a beautiful spring day with a nice breeze. We started by riding the train around the whole park, and noticed that many of the animals were hiding! The ones we did get to gawk at throughout the day were incredible, that is---the monkeys, the tortoises and the giraffes.

Kenz had a week off school for Spring break, so I thought it would be good to do a little traveling . Our trip was not too big and not too small, it was just right.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun trip! Love, Ant Jean

Nina Lewis said...

Spring break at the zoo. How fun!! And we woke up to 9 inches of snow this morning . . . sigh . . .

Dorothy said...

Sounds like a successful grandma time.

Happy spring.

Dorothy from grammology

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