Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brody's Didatic Materials

Brody is eleven months old and working part-time as a builder and demolition expert. I love to watch him play. According to Maria Montessori, this is the time children like to put things into a box and take them out. Brody's method is a bit unique. Don't ya love it?

Montessori.. tid bits from Wikipedia:

Children learn through discovery, so didactic materials with a control for error are used. Through the use of these materials, which are specific to Montessori schools (sets of letters, blocks and science experiments) children learn to correct their own mistakes instead of relying on a teacher to give them the correct answer.

Children most often learn alone during periods of intense concentration. During these self-chosen and spontaneous periods, the child is not to be interrupted by the teacher.
That the hand is intimately connected to the developing brain in children. Children must actually touch the shapes, letters, temperatures, etc. that they are learning about—not just watch a teacher or TV screen tell them about these discoveries.


Jason said...

This is a great personal site that you have here. I have site myself where people can debate on controversial topics, 24/7. It's time for there to be more power to the people.

When you get a chance, let me know what you think. Also, maybe we can do a link exchange or something. Let me know.


Dorothy said...

This is such an interesting post I had no idea toys could be so important to a child's thought process.

Dorothy from grammology

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