Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Step Downs

Nana and Daba's house has these little step downs that I need to learn to maneuver.

If I hold on to the wall, it might help me to get down without falling boom!

Grandpa Daba is standing next to me and he's ready to catch me.

I can do it... I can step down....... all by myself. I go slow. I feel for the floor with my toes.

Hey people do you know I have been walking for a little more than a month?

I look so cute, because I am a little chunkin! I make everybody smile just by walking across the room!


Dorothy said...

Aren't these the most precious times of our lives. So cute I love the first step first word, preferably momma LOL and all the other things they do to bring us joy.

The photo is so sweet.

Dorothy from grammology

MommyWizdom said...



Anonymous said...

Way to go Brody! Love, Ant Jean

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