Wednesday, December 15, 2010


All of sudden these inflatible Santas are everywhere! They seem to have come out of nowhere. Not only the Santas, but the Frostys and Pooh Bears and Choo choo trains and Tiggers. These air filled decorations must be new this year or I have been asleep, which by the way... most of them do... in the daytime.

They sleep or rather ...they nap. This has been the discussion of the day when Brody is here.

Tigger seeping. Santa down. Santa up in dark. Santa up at night. Noman Noman down. Tigger up Nana?

 It seems every other front lawn in Brody's neighborhood has at least one of the blow-up guys. My husband and I chipped in half each to get ours. There was nothing left at the big box store when we finally succumbed. And ...we got the last SANTA. The funny thing is, my husband found some rat poop under it the next day, so we keep him up for most of the day. LOL. (Santa is outside, by the way.)

Here he is holding... as Brody says his pesant and hi fiving everybody!

P.S. The real tree is as wonderful as I dreamed it would be. I love giving it a drink and smelling the pine. Hopefully it will keep itself fresh for another ten days. Happy prep days to all!


Susan Adcox said...

I'm not a big fan of the inflatables. It never happens that everyone in the neighborhood has theirs inflated at the same time. There are always some collapsed Santas and snowmen around. I can see where that would be intriguing to a young man, but from an aesthetic viewpoint, it's less than ideal!

Nona Nita said...

I think they're so funny. When I see them sprawled deflated across someone's lawn it always reminds me of the way I feel after a tough day at work (I teach teenagers...enough said?) The next time I see them they're up and swaying, once again reminding me that with a little rest and relaxation there's hope even for this aging body.

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