Thursday, August 17, 2017

Grand Opening/Overnight

Hello to  my 52,000 plus visitors.

It's Thursday night, one day away from Brody staying overnight.  His recent announcement was that every other Friday night he plans to stay at our house. The other Fridays he'll stay at Mame's, his other grandma's house.

Tomorrow night he and I are planning to go to the grand opening of the Halloween Store, the national seasonal attraction--- SPIRIT. I was thinking today how I really don't like anything in the store, really I don't like anything at all in the store. But Brody, loves everything, mostly the anatromics, or the electric things. Some are so gross and ugly, so gross and ugly I have to not look at them! On the other hand my eight year old grandson Brody loves almost all of them, which is so contradictive to his personality. He is kind and sweet!  He doesn't see the SPIRIT store things as evil or ugly or scary, to him it is just plain old interesting and entertaining. Do you know that there is actually a thing that is meant to be displayed on Halloween called the Limb Eating Zombie Boy?  Yes, Brody owns it and he already has it displayed in his bedroom (now Halloween room).  You will never guess who bought it for him. I don't want to tell you, but it was me.  I don't think his mom will ever forgive me for that purchase. And I can't believe I did such a thing. This year I told him I am not buying any of them. I hope I can hold to my promise!

Last year on one of many trips! 
Another blast from the past trips to SPIRIT.   Oh Joy! Are you kidding me?

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