Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Perler Appreciation

I'm fascinated with Kenz's Perler designs. I like to pick them up, study them, breathe in the designs. The tiny ironed-together beads are a confirmation of her wondrous eye-hand coordination, not to mention her creativity. No two finished products are alike. She takes her time with them, planning ahead, deciding in her head how she wants each one to turn out. Seldom does she turn back and rarely does she give up. She finishes what she starts. While handling the plastic discs, I am reminded that every component has been carefully selected, fingered by her darling digits. They are color joy.

My daughter reports that the beads spilled (again), that she and Kenz had to pick up thousands of them.
"That's the price you pay for raising an artist," I tell her.
She smiles her proud mommy smile and I am double dosed with gratitude.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! She definitely have a very creative mind! And just look at the colour combination - wow!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Love those beads, and Kenz's designs! She's quite creative!

My kids enjoy those beads too. Fortunately we've only had a few minor spills. LOL But those beads are wonderful for allowing the kids to expand their creative horizons.

I also really enjoyed your Shake shake shake post. I'll have to keep an eye out for one of those bags. Sounds like a fun Summer afternoon project for the kiddos.

I'm sorry I haven't been by for a bit. Been having some problems getting to some sites, and my 'puter's been running even slower than it's usual dial-up self. I think I have it running a bit better again, so should be able to visit more often again.

Ah! Goodwill Hunting! Being a Robin Williams fan, I have seen that movie, and really enjoyed it!

Ken and Joanne said...

You are having way too much fun as a grandmother. Think about nursing school. :)

You spend too much time on the computer if you turn your head sideways to smile.

Anonymous said...

I have Perler Appreciation. Thanks MacKenzie! Love, Ant Jean

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