Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Kenzie dancing
                                                                      the moves and changes!

Remember the early days of websites. If a site wasn't quite ready for viewing a bright yellow barricade with an Under Construction sign appeared on screen. I haven't seen those lately. I think it's because everything on the net moves so quickly. No waiting. Instant results. I wish moving to a new home was that easy! I wish I could drag it all over with a mouse.

Brody can almost ride this bike. Are they called trikes cause it happens around three or because they have three wheels?

Like many Americans and people in our age group ....Nana Connie is on the move.  We are condensing. I like that word better than downsizing. (It might be the down word.) Recently I have posted a few blogs about how much I love my book collection and how hard it would be to let go of the zillions of words. Well I'm here to tell you after lugging many many many Trader Joe bags to our new location I am feeling way better about parting with the many many many still here at the ranch. A big book sale is coming!

Thank goodness I have time to putter around and move slowly. Since the books live in the playroom ... the playroom gets to go first. Brody my precious helper is helping me with the toys (and the children's books). He's helping me decide which things are really important. (Laughing and Hugging and Playing) We have big blue toy bucket that we are filling with the things he loves. Sometimes he'll pick up a teeny tiny trinket toss it in and say Nana this one going to the new house. I think it's wonderful that he's participating in the transition. He's so dang cute! He's talking up a storm. When you ask he how old he is he says I be three in Setember

                                                Look at those kissable cheeks!

Kenz is in on the packing too.  That is when she's not busy with her summer activities.(Summer school is awesome Nana!) I love her company. I just know it won't be long till she's setting up life in a college dorm, wondering what to take and what to leave behind.

Yes, yes, yes! We are always in motion and under construction.

Happy Summer Days to all!


Susan Adcox said...

I have way too many books, too. Some I can't part with because I loved them so much, even though I may never read them again. Others I haven't gotten around to reading yet, but I keep intending to!

Sally Wendkos Olds said...

I gave away about 1000 books when I moved from my house to an apartment. I thought I could never part with them, but once I got started, it was pretty easy. And yes, I do miss some of them, and I have repurchased a couple! But most of those I had held onto for years are not really missed. I could never have made the move if I hadn't compressed! (Another way to say it) Good luck with your move!

Anonymous said...
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