Monday, November 21, 2011

Clips from a busy week

Brody and I went to visit the mall Santa. We went early in the week . NO one was there. Snap a dap. 22 dollars later we were done.  Brody loved it. Pic immediately scanned and posted on Facebook. 
After Santa we went to the mall play area. I ran into a lady I  used to see when Kenz was climbing on this bear. She had her four-year old with her . Her older girl Amanada who was Kenzie's age was in school. She showed me pictures. Oh the years go by and children grow up and up and up.
Kenz already had Kit and now she has Kiana. American Gals... her treasures.
This globe thing plays about ten Christmas songs. Jingle Bells , Jingle  Bells is our favorite.
Kenzer blowing out her nine candles at Aunt Lara's! 
What a guy! What a boy! That face, that face, that wonderful face!


Susan Adcox said...

I'm not quite ready for Santa, although I did order Advent calendars for my grands the other day.

Mimi said...

I'm glad you came back to blogging and I bet your grandchildren really are! I enjoyed catching up with all your activities and I agree with you that when my grandsons are here, all my attention is on them because it is so much fun and the time goes by too fast.

Nana Jo said...

Such beautiful children! It's so true about the time going by all too swiftly. I can hardly believe that my two oldest grandchildren will be nine years old next year!

Nana Connie said...

Thank you all for leaving a comment. So nice to know other grandmas who are as crazy about their grandchildren as I am. It seems we are all getting the feeling that time is going quick. I think I realize it more now than I did with my own children. I remember so many more details of the days with Kenz and Brody. Recent events, like Kenzie's birth was nine years ago.
It seemed it took way longer than that for my daughter to reach nine!

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