Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Annie the Movie

This afternoon we watched all of 'Annie'. In the past we would only watch it up to the bridge part where the bad guy Rooster runs up the elevated bridge chasing after Annie who almost falls before Punjab rescues her. Sure enough during the yucky part, my grandaughter Mackenzie snuggled up beside me and started to rub her eyes. "Are you getting allergies?" I ask ed her. "No Nana, I'm crying." And she was, to my surprise, crying and soon sobbing feeling the pain of Daddy Warbuck's separation from his Annie. "I'm gonna turn it off, " I told her reaching for the clicker. "No, Nana, you said it was good to cry. You told me that when we were watching Heidi." I thought for a moment then blurted out, "Oh my goodness, Leapin Lizards you remember that? That was a long time ago." "It was when I was three," she said, snuffling and hushing me so she could watch the good part that was coming up. At the end, after the fireworks scene, a smile returned to her face and we both sang a very high pitched rendition of Tomorrow Tomorrow I love you tomorrow, your only a day a way. A good movie sometimes moves us to tears, warm wonderful cleansing drops, even when your four!

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