Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Delicious Energy Bars

From "Raising Your Spirited Child," by Mary Sheedy Kurchinka. (Note: everyone has both introvert and extrovert qualities, it is the one most frequently expressed that determines the personality type)

Energy Sources for Introverts

  1. Time Alone--- "Introverts are lonely in groups. Participating in a group forces them to act outside of themselves, which is difficult for them to do. Their energy is drained as they socialize." After a few examples of this, Kurchinka says, "Introverts need their private time. It is often difficult for introverted children to pull out and play by themselves because of the social pressure to be part of the group."
  2. Physical Space---"Introverts are drained when their physical space is invaded." "Extraverts need to know that sitting too close, standing too near, or walking into a private room unannounced will drive an introvert nuts and drain their energy."
  3. Time For Reflection---'Introverts like to think about problems and then talk about them. Allowing your introverted child time to pause and reflect before expecting an answer gives him energy."
  4. Uninterrupted Work Time---"If an introvert is busy, he doesn't like it if you stop to say hello to him and expect him to talk to you. "

Energy Sources For Extraverts

  1. Time With People---Extraverts collect their energy on the outside. They not only like people, they need them. Allowing extraverts to talk, share their experiences and air their feelings gives them energy. Extraverts talk their way through movies, television shows, and the newspaper. Extraverts have lots of friends, need friends and can't imagine having a good time without them. Being with friends gives extraverts energy."
  2. Feedback---To keep their energy levels high, extraverts need feedback, love feedback, and can't get enough feedback. A few words of positive reinforcement and the extravert is flying high, ready to roll." " It isn't a sign of poor self-esteem when she needs your words of encouragement. Feedback refuels her energy bank."
  3. People To Help Them Think--- "Extraverts 'think by talking'. To solve a problem or reduce their stress, they need to talk with someone who will listen to them. Many times they don't even need a response from their listener. The opportunity to express themselves is all they need to work through their issues."

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