Sunday, April 8, 2007

Silly Nana

Those first six months of Kenzie's life outside the womb, Shell and I spent countless evaporating hours gazing at the new girl, changing her, snuggling her and singing to her. (Shell and daddy did the night watch.) "Where is Thumpkin? Here I am. Here I am. Where is Pinky? Where is Pinky? (smiles and coos) Here I am. Here I am. Oh yeah, where is Middle guy, where are you Middle guy, where are you Middle guy?"
"Please, Mom, stop, how many times do you have to sing that thing?"
I was enthralled by Mackenzie's response to my silly songs and goofy games; my agenda--- to elicit smiles and give her a jump start on how pleasurable words and play could be. Plus, I could now act totally ridiculous and had someone who actually appreciated me for it.
From "Play Wit Me Nana"
Chapter one, Launching

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