Thursday, April 12, 2007

How Does Your Grandchild Recharge?

__is quite gregarious and outgoing
__enjoys being around people. She becomes energized by a group rather than overwhelmed by it.
__wants to tell you about her experiences and ideas immediately.
__thinks by talking. She'll walk around the house saying, "Where's my ball" or "I'm looking for my blanket," as she hunts for them. She needs to talk in order to make decisions.
__hates to be sent to her room to sit alone.
__can't imagine why you would want to be alone in a room and always joins you to "cheer you up" (this one is probably why I wrote "PLAY WIT ME NANA! )
__lets you know what she is feeling and thinking.
__needs lots of approval. You may find yourself doubting the health of her self-esteem as she demands that you tell her what a good job she is doing or how much you like her.

__prefers to watch or listen before joining into an activity
__enjoys doing things by herself or with one or two special friends or family members.
__becomes grouchy if around people too long, especially after school.
__finds being with strangers more draining than being with family members or one close friend.
__refuses to discuss the day's events until later, even days or weeks
__has a strong sense of personal space.Does not like people sitting to close or coming into her room
__seems to enjoy being sent to her room to sit alone.
__may find it difficult to share what she is feeling.
__may find guests in your home "invasive."
__may talk a lot with family members but be quieter around outsiders.

Count how many statements you would agree with in each group
Total ___Extravert statements ___Introvert statements

"Traditionally the term introvert has described someone who is shy and socially unskilled. It's important to remember that in Psychological Type, introversion and extraversion do not describe social skills. They explain how we get our energy. Both introverts and extraverts can be very savvy interacting with people. The key is what happens afterward. The introvert will be drained and ready for a nap or a quiet solitary activity whereas the extravert will be wound up and ready for more action. " (from:Raising Your Spirited Child." by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Copyright 1991 Harper Perennial)

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