Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Have you seen a little dog anywhere about?
A raggy dog, a shaggy dog, who's always looking out
For some fresh mischief which he thinks he really ought to do
He's very likely, at this minute, biting someone's shoe.
If you see that little dog, his tail in the air,
A whirly tail, a curly tail, a dog who doesn't care
For any other dog he meets, not even for himself;
Then hide your mats, and put your meat upon the topmost shelf.
If you see a little dog, barking at the cars,
A raggy dog, a shaggy dog, with eyes like twinkling stars,
Just let me know, for though he's bad, as bad as bad can be;
I wouldn't change that dog for all the treasures in the sea!
Emily Lewis


Anonymous said...

I was taught this poem as a child in 1946, all these years hve passed and I still remember it word for word. Oh for the mind of a seven year old childwhen verse was a song without music

Anonymous said...

If anyone has this song tune (recorded) please send to my email id (dsouzaj43@yahoo.com) thank you

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