Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fast Friends

Today Kenz and I went to story time at the library. On most story time days we meet a couple of friends and then have more fun hanging out at the mall play area before going for pizza and a smoothie, all the while enjoying the company. Today the friends weren't there and to top if off the theme of story time was--- 'Friends.' Kenz, at four and a half is entering the friends stage when having a friend is becoming more important to her. She began pouting when the doors closed and she realized that her friends weren't coming. Just then, a girl her size with a bright purple party dress sat down next to us on the floor in the front row. "Yesterday was my birthday," she said, " I'm five now and I got this dress and these shoes." Out from under the purple dress she slid two sparkling silver shoes. They were quite interesting to look at because they were so unusual. She also had on a pair of blue jeans shorts which also stuck out as she kriss-crossed her legs. The two girls were soon looking at each other, then as the story began they inched closer and were laughing and participating in the activities, as if they were doing them together. How nice! Instant friendship. Afterwards, when Kenz and I got back to my house we tried calling a few people from the preschool directory to see if we could round up a spontaneous play date. No luck. We kept busy as another afternoon slipped away. She danced me a 'show' in the playroom , we made macaroni and cheese, and flew our airplanes (too windy, so this lasted for only a few glides). Kenz took a bath and I washed her hair. She is now 'making a book' as I write this. It's almost the end of our day because her mom will be here to pick her up shortly. We'll try again tommorrow to get together with a friend or two, but if that doesn't happen, in her mind there's always Nana!

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Anonymous said...

Theres always NAna..........that's how I feel too. Love Sister Jean

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