Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Wrappings

In the preschooler's world, birthdays are a reason to celebrate. Kenz can remember how and where she celebrated each of her birthdays so far. The first birthday party was at Nana's. (She names all the relatives that were there.) Her second birthday party was at "Chuckie Cheese." (She remembers it was a long ride to get there.) Her third was at J.W. Tumbles (She tells of how she got soap bubbles in her eyes.) Her fourth was at Nana's. (She talks about our library story time story reader being here.) And her fifth and yet to happen birthday, well.... she already has a plan. (You'll hear about it later this year.) But this week, she and I are celebrating my sister Jean's birthday. Jean is 53. ( "I can make that number Nana," she tells me.) Jean lives in California, not in our state, so we have to send our presents to her.
"Why can't we just fly them there Nana?"
"We have to wrap them, "I tell her.
"Then I am making the wrapping paper," she says, as she runs to grab the paper out of my printer on the desk in our playroom/office.

She is coloring, happily creating birthday streamers on white backgrounds.
"I learned this on a program I watched," she tells me.
The wrapping paper is beautiful and I know my sister Jean will be thrilled with it. She's a great one for encouraging homemade creations. During Jean's last visit, which Kenz recalls, although at the time she was three, the grand aunt and my granddaughter made "diva picture frames" with foamies.
Maybe that 's why Kenz automatically associated Jean's present with something created, something 'made.' Just look at this beautiful wrapping paper. Children's art really is incredible, free and alive.
Happy Birthday Lunch Bunch! (our nick name for Aunt Jean)


Anonymous said...

Sister, I love my wrapping paper! What a cute and thoughtful story. Many thanks. Love Great Ant Jean

Yolanda Roman said...

I liked the idea of the wrapping paper. I am going to teach that to my little one.

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