Monday, July 16, 2007

Children's Stories By Grandma

I've heard it said that "there's a book inside everyone of us." I agree wholeheartedly. It took La Verne C. Olsen 73 years of life till she got her book outside of her and guess what motivated her? Her grandchildren. La Verne wrote the children's book, "If A Peacock Follows You Home." I met LaVerne at a writers conference where she was busy marketing her self published prize. After the luncheon and speaker, the conference attendees were leaving the room when I noticed LaVerne crawling under the table to retrieve her stack of books she had brought to sell. It was a wonderful sight to see her down there on her knees smiling as she packed up her goodies. The best part being that LaVerne is now almost 80! What an inspiration to all of us grannies!
The next day when I picked Kenz up from her Montessori day, I tilted my rear view mirror to see her face.
"I bought you a book, sweetest girl."
"What's the name of it, Nana?"
"It's called If A Peacock Follows You Home."
Thirty seconds later her face lit up! She loved the thought of it--- a wild bird in her house! When we got home and read the story it was evident that she was indeed delighted with it, and it had a surprise ending that she was not expecting. The book is actually a collection of short stories written for LaVerne's six grandchildren. The illustrations were done by children artists (all with crayons) which makes it even better.

I recommend it for any child from birth to second grade. To order it online. www.XLIBRIS.COM/bookstore Click on Search.

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