Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flying colors

The Infant Swimming Resource program requires that the child enter the pool with all their clothing on. This is to simulate an accident of falling in fully dressed. It's hard to stay afloat with heavy jeans, soggy gym shoes and a hooded sweatshirt, so the child must demonstrate that they are able to do this. The instructor then suddenly back flips the child from the floating position so they sink down in the deep in a disoriented manner. In order to pass the 'test' they must recover, swim to the surface and float for a breath. Next, after another backwards flip from the floating position, they must show that they can recover and swim face down to the side--- safely. Lastly, the hooded jacket is removed and placed over the face as the child floats on their back. The child must remove it from the face and flip over to swim face down to the side. Hip Hip Hurray! Kenz did it. We have one more day of Refresher lessons. Dad, Mom and Nana all agree---pretty darn impressive!

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