Monday, July 23, 2007

Read It Wit Me!

Mackenzie's book shelf has several books that feature grandma and me. This one is hard to part with. It's the infant/toddler hard covered "Grandma and Me" A Lift The Flap Book by Karen Katz . It is a simple story of a grandma's visit. I will read it to you and it will take me less than a minute, but you could spend much more time 'playing' with it when you read it to your grandchild. There are others in this series including the well-known "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" and "Where is Baby's Mommy?"(A question that every day care grandparent has asked themselves when mommy is late in picking up her child.)

Someone special is at the door. Who could it be? (lift the flap) It's Grandma!

What's in your suitcase, Grandma? (lift the flap) A teddy bear.

What's in the oven, Grandma? (lift the flap) Cookies! Yum! Yum!

Look what I brought you from the garden, Grandma! (lift the flap) Flowers! See how pretty?

What did you hide under my pillow, Grandma? (lift the flap) Oh dear, this flap didn't survive the few hundred times Kenz and I read this book when she was an infant/toddler. Anyhow, it's missing words are--- a red printed nightie.

Grandma has one last gift for me (lift the flap) A big Grandma Kiss!

Check back for more children's books about Grandma and me.. my blog subject for the upcoming week.

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