Monday, August 20, 2007

Fortunate Discoveries

Serendipity- The facility of happening upon or making fortunate discoveries when not in search of them.

I remember learning about the word serendipity way back in High School. The word conjures up images of ice cream, Mary Poppins, someone singing me a song, and lightheartedness. For you, it might be other things.

What brought serendipity to my post today was Ebloggers new feature. In the View My Profile section there is a place to list my interests. I made a profile the other day and got 53 viewers so far. The neat thing about this area is that you can CLICK on my interests and find others who have the same ones.

Blogs with an interest in:
  • Writing- 182,000
  • Reading- 372,000
  • Blogging- 20,600
  • Being a Grandmother- 17

What? Being a Grandmother has only 17!

I took the links to each grandmother's site and all I can say is, "Grandmas, don't let your blogs grow up to be abandoned." (Sing to the tune of "Mama, don't let your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.")

Why am I singing this? Out of the 17 sites on Blogspot sporting an interest in being a grandmother, only one of them is current and updated. A few have the last post somewhere in early 2007, but all the others sit on the highway like abandoned homes. If you shift through the rubble of most of them you will find very busy, interesting, active, in-transition grandmothers. It happens to the best of us; we start to blog and then for whatever reason screech-- we stop. Some stopped in 2005. Only one was updated today. Now on to the fun news.

I pushed on a blog which belonged to someone who liked Reading, one of my interests. It turns out she was a homeschooling mom. I am blown away by how incredible some of these ladies are and this one was no exception. Here's some of the links at her site. I plan to make them permanent links on my sidebar. (Actually, nothing is permanent)

These are worth the trip: (this one requires $)

In the meantime, if you have a blog on being a grandmother or any others you might like listed at Play Wit Me Nana, drop me an email or a comment.

Over the mountains and through the woods to grandmother's blog we go...

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