Saturday, August 4, 2007


Kenzie loves doing Perler Beads. I know I already blogged on this, but its become almost an obsession with her--- a good one. When I picked her up from school on Friday she was clutching a gallon size Ziploc half full of her creations. She had brought it from home for Show and Tell. She told me the teacher didn't let her take them out of the bag, but that the kids had to pass it around carefully.

How could I say no when she asked me if we could stop at Michael's on the way to my house and get some Glow in the Dark Perlers. The kit comes with four little pegboards and a bag of pastel plastic beads. We both made our designs as quickly as we could because what we really wanted to do was go in the closet, close the door, turn out the lights and watch them glow. We weren't disappointed as we laid on the carpet with a moon and a star shining up at our faces. Kenz has plans to get her whole room glowing. Hey-- the sky is the limit!

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