Friday, August 10, 2007

Life Long Games

You can usually find Lite Brite at a corner drugstore for less than ten dollars. Advanced versions fill the shelves of and the toy stores. On the black sheet that fits over the Lite Brite board there's B's, W's, V's, R's, and Y's. Matching the plastic colored peg to the letter is how you make the picture. Take it in a dark room and the finished product is brilliant. Lite Brite ain't new but it's been improved. I was impressed! It's not really a game, but two people can do a picture together. Don't spend any more time trying to figure out what the V's are. They are Violet.

Let's not forget "Guess Who?" Playing "Guess Who?" too many times can leave you feeling like you want to be Anonymous. But kids love it. Each player asks questions to eliminate characters one at a time until the last card standing in it's plastic slip is the Mystery Person. There's a travel version but it's flimsy and hard to handle. The regular size game would be fun to take on a trip. Does your person have glasses? Does your person look like they need a vacation? Is your person Nana? There is a thrill in guessing and you can ask any question you want. The box says Kids Age 6+. Kenz started liking this game when she was four and she beats me now that she's approaching five.

How many times have you been to Candyland? Grannies, guess what? This one's improved too. It's still a no brainer game. Kenz and I played this one four times last night and by Golly, even though I lost--- I was having fun. And I wasn't fakin' it either. The fun part probably came from watching her play the game according to the directions. She used to want to dig through the pile and find the gingerbread man, the gum drop or the candy cane. We did discover that you can play the game backwards once you get to candy land. I wonder if Sammy Davis Jr. liked this game. Every time I play it I end up singing... The candy man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good. The candy man can... the candy man can.

Playing games with children is a good way to have a naturally sweet time!

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