Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chatty Cathy Dolls

This evening I was continuing my reading of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte' and really enjoying it. There is that part near the beginning where little Jane is ostracized from the mean family she lives with and is hidden away in her 'closet' with only her doll. I can't find the page right now, but she says something to the effect that you have to have someone to show love to. I wasn't thinking about my childhood dolls in particular, but I did have the sense of what it was like to find comfort from a doll when I was feeling sad. Lo and Behold, I need to rest my eyes and as I turn on the TV--- there is a Geiko commercial on, with a doll I loved to death in the 1960's, but have forgotten about---Chatty Cathy.
I only had to type her name in my Search bar and she appeared up close and personal, where I could once again study her face. Talk to me, Cathy, I said. I wanted her to remind me of something I may have left behind forty some years ago. Here's some things I dug up about her.

DOLL: Chatty Cathy by Mattel
SIZE: 20"
CHARACTERISTICS OF DOLL: Doll talks via a pull-string talking mechanism. Freckles; light brown hair, blue eyes.
PRICE: Doll without original clothing and mute (like this doll) $55 to $70. Dolls in mint condition. talking, with original, tagged, clothing, $250 to $300 plus. More for rare variations, including pinwheel eyes, and super mint dolls.
COMMENTS: Popular doll with collectors. Doll comes in several hair colors.
MARKET REPORT: Chatty Cathy dolls in mint condition have maintained their value; average dolls have increased in value slightly over the past 5 years.

Click on links below to find pictures of Chatty Cathy.

Sixties Dolls

Modern Barbie
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From Denise Van Patten,

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Chrisi said...

I found the facts list about Chatty Cathi a little puzzling. All of my life I heard the familiar story about my sister being named after that doll. The problem with that story is; Cathi, my sister, was born in 1960. Hmmmm.....now I'm wondering just who she WAS named after. LOL

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