Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Puzzling Stage

I remember when my children hit the puzzle stage. Their dad was more into it than I was and he was always getting a puzzle started on the dining room table. Finishing it would bring feelings of contentment and accomplishment to the whole family. As the kids got older, the puzzles got bigger and the pieces got smaller. It was a shame to take them apart and put them pack in the box, after working so hard on them. It's puzzling, but putting them away is what makes you want to do another one.

Kenz had her own puzzle marathon at Nana's Friday night. She started with a wooden Alphabet
capital and small letters. I watched her from a distance as she separated all the letters by colors and then put them in their slots in order.
Next she did an 11 ft long floor puzzle with 65 Wild Animals and Sea Creatures from Around the Globe.
When I Grow Up-Find It was her next choice. A fifty piece occupational search puzzle. I like this one alot. The pieces are sturdy and the pictures are happy.
Then it was onto the small box of Cinderella and then two Dora the explorers. These 24-70 piece ones are a breeze for a four.
Finally she did a wood one I bought a long time ago. It's so nice to see her grow into something.
This link below has some unusual and some good looking educational puzzles for children.
While I was posting this, Kenz called me from her mom's house, "Guess what Nana, Mom and me did a puzzle with a 150 pieces! Then we did a Hello Kitty and a Princess one.... and... now we are ....."
The Puzzles Stage might be here for sometime to come!

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