Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blogging It Out!

Remember the old days when clerks had to punch in the numbers to total the purchases? Remember life before cell phones when we had to pull over and use a phone booth?

Oh my gosh, do you remember life before blogging?

I can't, blogging is to me--- part of life. "It's second nature to me now, like breathing out and breathing in." (My Fair Lady) It's a daily review of the thoughts which have flowed or will flow into my day.

Blogging about my granddaughter has only made the experience of being a Nana that much richer. Since Kenz is my first grand child, I am exploring something for the first time.

She is a new book, a foreign country and a serendipitous discovery. Since her arrival to planet earth (almost five years ago) we have been on a Ferris wheel circling high above the amusement park; everything is colorful, bright and waiting for us to explore. The world smells sweet like cotton candy.
Now what would I do with those thoughts if I couldn't blog em to the world?

Anyone can blog. If you visit around the world on your keyboard you will find some of the most interesting, inspiring thinkers--- people of all ages, who can't help but jot down the thoughts of the day.

My sister Denise said this last night. "Writing is just another form of communication." A blog is a phone conversation with the world. Maybe one way, but maybe not if your readers are listening and thinking about what they want to share, tell and blog to the world.

If you're a grandparent who wants to blog but needs some 'corporate' assistance you can get started at It's a budding community that opened its doors in September. I'm not receiving any money for steering you there. I have blog there too!

Remember the good ole days when one blog was enough?

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Matt Law said...

Thanks for the plug!

"A blog is a phone conversation with the world" -- that's a great way of putting it. It worth mentioning, however, that people can also keep private blogs on, so those would be like phone conversations with just your friends and family : )

Thanks again for the mention. It's appreciated!

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