Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Little Table and Chairs

When I bought the Sponge Bob table it was probably because it was on sale or it was the only one they had availabe at Toys R Us on the day that I decided we needed one. A few weeks after purchasing it I heard that Sponge Bob Squarepants was involved in some kind of controversy, but that rarely comes to mind.

The bright yellow and turquoise wooden table has been a fixture in my life since Kenz could stand. If tables could talk this one would tell you that its been around the world. The smiles on its 'faces' are ones that tell everybody who walks in the playroom to--- cheer up.

In it's four years it has probably hosted as many projects and activities as Bob Barker has for the Price is Right. Kenz is almost five and she is still finding new uses for the table. (Yesterday she decided to make it some new paper and crayon seat covers, with pink sequence.)

The set came with two chairs, and even being as small as they are, an adult can fit comfortably on one, for a short time anyway. For things like reading, board games and playing with toys the floor is Kenz's preferred spot. But for play-doh, coloring, painting, writing and eating.... these things call for a sturdy surface of your very own.

Every single small child in the world needs a little table and chairs and for us--- wood has been good. If you scan through my pictures you will see Bob's legs, top or smile being a good helper in the continuous creativity that happens in Nana's playroom.

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