Sunday, October 28, 2007

What A Doll!

Over the past five years the opportunity to observe Kenz at play with her dolls has been almost a daily occurrence, but I haven't really been paying close attention. So it is by osmosis that I have come up with this list.

  1. Dolls can have horrible looking hair. It's not important if it's combed, pony-tailed , soft or coarse.

  2. Dolls don't need to be dressed in anything special. An old tee is fine.

  3. Dolls have names that stick from the moment they are brought home.

  4. Every doll has something very special about her or him.

  5. The more dolls, the merrier.

  6. Some dolls don't like certain games.

  7. Dolls have a personality, they have a temperament.

  8. If a doll can eat and poop, that doesn't make it more special.

  9. Dolls can stay in a family for decades and still look fairly new.

  10. Grandmas get attached to dolls.

Everything about Dolls--

My next posts will be looking at the names and personalities of Kenzie's family of dolls.

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