Friday, November 9, 2007

Perler Bead News Release

Dear Perler Customer,
As a valued customer of Perler Beads, we are sending along this information to reassure you of the safety of our product. Following is a portion of a press release-if you haven't heard or seen this information up to now, we hope it answers any questions you may have.
On the heels of the recall of Aqua Dots, craft bead producer Perler Beads, an American company located in Cloverdale, California, has offered complete reassurance that Perler Beads are perfectly safe for use by children.
The recall of all Aqua Dots products should not be confused with Perler Beads, which are also used by children to create designs on pegboards. The major differences between the two products are that Perler Beads use heat to fuse the designs, not chemicals, and that Perler Beads are made in the United States of food-safe plastic.
President Kevin Fick said, "We produce a safe product for children, and as parents ourselves take great pride in maintaining the strictest standards of quality. Parents and grandparents can feel safe in purchasing and using Perler Beads."
Perler Beads have been sold worldwide for over 25 years, and have been safely used by tens of millions of families. This classic activity is now being enjoyed by parents who used to play with them as children!
Some facts about Perler Beads: . The beads are made in California USA.. The plastic used in the beads and pegboard shapes is also made in the USA.. The plastic and color dyes used to manufacture our beads are all non-toxic. . The beads are made of LDPE, a food-grade plastic.. There is no chemical coating on Perler Beads.
If you have any further questions, please contact Perler Beads is a division of Dimensions, 1801 N. 12th Street, Reading PA 19604 1-800-523-8452.

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carol said...

I bought my great neice who is 6 yrs old a large container of beads two days ago. there is 8600 beads and only 4 boards. why only 4 boards for that many beads. where can i get more boards thank you carol neice

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