Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cookie Art

Christmas comes just once a year and so does decorating snowman, trees, reindeer, angels, stockings and gingerbread people.

Making and decorating sugar cookies is one tradition I really like. I think I got Kenzie hooked, too.

It makes it a whole lot easier to buy the pre-packed Sugar Cookie Mix. I bought the giant size box with the individual packets that each make a couple of dozen. You add a stick of butter and an egg plus two tablespoons of flour to make them easier to roll out.

If you use organic butter and organic eggs like I did, you can feel much better about snacking on them, giving yourself, like I do, the excuse that there is probably some good nutrition in every bite.

I bought the little tubes of colorful frosting and a nice supply of sparkles and toppings that you shake out on the cookies. This is no time to skimp on decorating items, although I did skimp on my outside lights this year. I have ten blinking snowflakes in a tree.

Children's art is awesome and cookies decorated by a five year old become an art exhibit.

Kenz created some irresistable masterpieces. She loves to give them away so before the holidays are over we will have to do a repeat performance.

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writinggb said...

Ah, I love decorating cookies. Today I am picking up my son and his friend after school and we are going to our house to make a gingerbread house and cookies. Being an only child, my son misses out on some things, I'm afraid. I figured a gingerbread house is MUCH more fun with more than one kid decorating it -- lucky for us his friend was available!

Glad you had fun with Kenz!

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