Monday, December 10, 2007

Nana Awake

My daughter has a cold so Kenz is spending the night. She's asleep.

Her dad brought her over after dinner. After she got here she and Daba put a fifty piece Dora puzzel together. While they did this I filled the tub with water. When she came in to take her bath she filled it with the tub toys I keep under the sink.

After I washed her hair we played drive-thru restaurant. I ordered my hamburger and lemonade by leaning over the sink and speaking into the faucet. Then I pulled up and sat on the toilet (with the seat down) while she passed my food through the pretend window. We played this twice then I convinced her to get out of the tub by saying she could feed Baby Alive some food.

Baby Alive is a doll she wasn't interested in until lately, although she got her for her birthday last year. Baby Alive eats and talks, but the funniest thing is she poops. She poops the special neon green food made just for her.

Tonight when Kenz pressed the star on the doll's wrist, she started talking slow. Hi mah meeeeee. I tooook a stinn kkkey. Kenz was laughing hysterically at the drawn out words. I replaced the four triple A batteries and the doll was back to her normal voice. I love you mommy!

After changing a few creative diapers made out of paper towels we played another round of fast food drive-thru. Kenz loves this game. I'm glad that the plastic food is getting some use. Tonight we used invisible money.

After some real applesauce and raisins for snack, it was bedtime, but not until we read five books. She really enjoyed Madeline's Christmas. It's unpredictable, which makes it interesting.

I am yawning and should be in bed sleeping.

It's amazes me how fast three hours goes by. Kenz seems to know this and crams in as much "play" as she possibly can before "lights out."

This is something I seem to be doing lately, that is, cramming to get things ready for Christmas and cramming to finish an assignment for the end of my writing class.

Baby Alive is sitting on the floor next to me. She's asleep.

I am getting the hint.

And to all a Good Night

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