Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sticker Stories

My sister Marcia sent some stickers for Kenzie's birthday. They're the ones you color in yourself, which makes them useful in creating stories.

We had about thirty minutes before I had to leave to go to my Creative Non-fiction class and Kenz had to leave to go home with her Mom.

The Kitty's Lost Collar
by Kenz
I am a kitty. I had a pink and a light pink collar. My mom put it up high, but I got a new one. I have a pink ribbon one now and I love my big, big, big grass. And one day I was walking in the street. I usually hear birds and butterflies and that time I heared a coyote and then I was far away from home, in Mexico.

Heart Sprinkles
by Nana

The magic red sprinkles
were leaking
from the
little white heart,
escaping into the air

The big red heart
was watching

The purple flowers
danced, the clouds sang
A shooting star
smiled at the sun

Love was in the air

The love sprinkles
were flying

"What do you do at school Nana?" Kenz stopped to ask me.

"Something like what you and I are doing now. Everyone takes a turn to read the essay or story they have written. The other people listen and say what they like about it and what they don't understand. The teacher goes last and tells what he thinks might make it a whole lot better."

"Nana, I want to go to school with you."

"Not tonight sweetheart. It's a long class, almost three hours and it goes on past your bedtime. But, if you like writing stories and listening to other writers, you have a lot to look forward to in your life."

(And so do I.)

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