Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nice Nose Noise

Remember Carole King? So far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?
The lyrics have that ring of familiarity to them and as of late, so does the nasal sound she sings them in. (So fa a whay)

For Christmas Kenz got a karaoke microphone, which she played with right away, singing along to the Hannah Montana tunes. Forget about the ones that came with the mic set, songs like Row Row Row Your Boat and Polly Put The Kettle On. She is a KGOY (see last post) and loves the bigger girl music.

So I am the audience loving it, thoroughly entertained, when I notice Kenz's voice is resonating behind her nostrils. That tinny errr sound was hiding behind every word.

It was an interesting sound, rusty, but not unpleasant and the fact that she could keep up with lyrics was quite impressive.

"Kenz, why are you singing through your nose?" I finally asked her.

She ignored me, probably because it was a dumb question or she didn't understand what I meant. (Duh, the words were coming out of her mouth.)

Fast forward a week or so and now Hannah Montana's second CD is in my car and we are rockin' out, listening to it on our drive home from school when I hear it... the unmistakable nasal sound. The vocalists are all singing in that high-pitched nasal sound. I had not noticed it before. Even stranger than that, I like it.

I don't know if I like it because that is how Kenz sings it or if I like it because of that extra ring sound the words get when they spin around in the back of your nose awhile.

My lesson in all this was... if Kenzie is listening and imitating, she is copying what she hears. Since pop music is new to her, of course she's gonna pick up on the nuances that slip by my old ears.

By the way, I like Hannah Montana's music, most of it. The Disney clean songs have some good messages behind--- all the noise. I hope Kenz is hearing these, too.

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FENICLE said...

I was listening to the radio last week and really liked this new pop song. I didn't know who it was, but I was loving it.

Next thing I hear it is Hannah Montana! OH MY!!! She's like 15 years old! I'm 30!!

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