Friday, February 8, 2008

Old Lyrics

I've had one cup of coffee and read four emails. So nice to hear from people that are enjoying my blog. So nice to wake up to.

For some reason, today I woke up craving the Old Friend's song, by Simon and Garfunkel.

The You tube below is about five minutes long and makes for good background reading music.

A couple of things about Art and Paul's song:

I've heard it a thousand times in my life, they sing, "Preserve your memories that's all that's left you." Now that I'm in the grandparent stage of my life, yes, I am convinced that it's true and it's time ... to write them down. And how fun it is, to take slices of my life and organize them into chapters. If they were rewriting the song lyrics today they might say "Write a few memoirs..."

I know this has already been discussed in the music media, but we are not always sharing park benches at seventy, more likely it's classrooms, airplanes, and job sites.Soon, t
he park bench might be reserved for those of us who are day caring our grandchildren, and some of us might be 80 plus.

Here's to the next fifty years.... Feeling Groovy!

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