Thursday, March 20, 2008

Collage Me

Ant Jean visited us with a whirlwind of arts and crafts. If you want to see my post about her last visit see 'woodburning,' in the link list at the bottom of the page.

This time we made collages. Jean had taken a collage class and was so inspired by it that she couldn't wait to get us going on our own. Kenz invited two friends and their Grandma to participate. Our collages had to have a theme, so we flipped the pages of MORE magazine, Family Circle and Parenting to find pictures to layer and decoupage. We also had an Allure in the bunch.

Kenz's friend found a picture of Gwen Stefani. That was her theme. (Gwen is a rock singer) Her other friend loves to cook and watch cooking shows, so she collected photos of food. Kenz's theme was children, and Jean's was 'visiting the desert.' Kenz decided on mine. Look Nana, a thermometer, your collage can be about being a nurse. ( Grandma S didn't make a collage, but she helped.)

It's not good enough, according to Ant Jean, for a person to...make a collage.... no, they must explain it and share with the group why they chose the pictures they did. For closure we took turns sharing about our creations. Themes do help, they tend to give direction to an activity. Kenz enjoyed this so much she wanted to share and share.... we were still hearing about her collage hours later when we were playing her new game.... share your collage.

Before we did our group collage sharing though, we made greeting cards. We used card stock, stencils and paint, tissue paper, ribbons and don't call it glitter---it's FAIRY DUST!!! These cards are suitable for giving. They even have envelopes.

Hey Sister.... Arts and Craft for March 2008 was a huge success. Can't wait to see what's on tap for next time.


Anonymous said...

Ant Jean here, Connie, I had so much fun. Thanks for the opportunity. You forgot to write how I squirted black paint on your white fabric chair....did it come out? I love you guys. ME

Connie said...


The black spotch adds personality to the dining room. At this stage in my life, paint on a chair is the art of life. I aint' messing wit it.

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