Saturday, March 22, 2008

Perlers and Daffodils

After my bulletin board episode with the Perlers a few weeks back (see Feb. 5th post) I have come to accept the fact that Perler bead creations can stand alone and do not always need to be huddled in collections.

Kenz continues to be a prolific Perler beader and gifts me with the plastic iron-together beads just about--- every other day.

I have discovered that I can set one or more of the creations next to an object which has the same shades of color in it. I have them next to candles, pictures frames and even books.

The Easter gift she gave me matched my yellow daffodils.

With her creations next to my keepsakes, I am constantly reminded of her little hands and her happy lively spirit.
I would say I have found the perfect way to display Perlers.

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Steve Ballmer said...

Beautiful blog girl!

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