Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Grandchild

It's been awhile since my last post. I miss blogging. Renewing my RN license has been the focus of my days, along with making sure I get a daily dose of my Kenz. Here's some thoughts on my favorite subject.

My Grandchild

She is an endless volume of wonder.

Her trails take me to places, I didn't know existed.

Her energy is molecular, bouncing off the walls, collecting pieces of everything to make something from nothing, creative motion; there is no standing still with my grandchild.

Her presence is laughter, a game, a story, a future and a forgetting of life's aches and pains.

When I die, a part of me is going with my grandchild, away, away, away......where a whole nother lifetime awaits us both.

I'm grateful for our time together, the way she reminds me
with her smiles and tears, my granchild says...
stay in the moment and live in the now.

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Anonymous said...

Morning Connie, this is a nice tribute. Thanks. Good lessons from Kenz. Love, Sister Jean

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