Saturday, May 17, 2008

Review of the Basics


Now, more about Stress from Basic Nursing Essentials for Practice, 6th Edition by Patricia A Potter PhD, RN, CMAC, FAAN and Anne Griffin Perry, EdD, RN, FAAN.

"Selve noted that a prolonged state of stress cause disease. Stress makes people ill as a result of (1) increased levels of powerful hormones that change our bodily processes; (2) coping choices that are unhealthy, such as not getting enough rest or a proper diet, use of tobacco, alcohol or caffeine; and (3) neglect of warnings signs of illness or prescribed medicines or treatments. (Monat and Lazarus, 1991)

(Nana's note: Here's where it gets good.)

"On the other hand, physical exercise, relaxation strategies, and letting go of excess anger reduce a person's level of arousal and stress. Exercise improves circulation and triggers the release of endorphins. The relaxation response, elicited by meditation or progressive muscle relaxation, lowers blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiratory rate. Forgiveness, or letting go of excess anger, has been shown to reduce stress provoking hormone levels. Anger, a feeling that serves people well as protective mechanism, for example, overcomes people if they continually seek revenge rather than forgive. If living with anger becomes a daily experience, the burden of carrying the anger results in continuous stress and arousal. (Enright and North 1998)"

From YOU: The Owner's Manual by Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.

"It's the major stresses and nagging little stresses that age us. For years, researchers believed that having a type A, high-wired personality resulted in stress-induced illness, but your brain doesn't age from the stresses you bring on yourself---like working hard and trying to achieve your goals. And your brain doesn't age form the one-time intermediate stressors, like the flat tire on your bike or the fender bender in the parking lot. These Important But Manageable events (we call them IBM's ) do not cause us to age because they are problems we can solve. Instead illness comes mainly from the events that constantly stress you---even if they're minor to other people---and do so for a prolonged period. One category of these stressors is Nagging Unfinished Tasks (NUT) For example, the nagging stress of sitting on a wobbly toilet seat and never fixing it will age you, if it is one of the those things that just gnaws at you everytime you use it. The other, as you'd expect, is from major life events--like moving, dealing with financial burdens, or coping with the death of a family member. Nagging stress wears you out, while persistent stressors are true killers.

(Nana's note: Here's where it gets good)

"You can have a major impact on your youth by reducing stress in your life with friendships, exercise, meditation and group affiliation. In fact, doing so will give back thirty of the thirty two years that major life events can take away. Two of our favorite stress reducers are laughing and meditating...."

I have a couple new links on my Grand Roll. Grammology is a blog where a grandma is sharing her struggle (and victory) with cancer. Talk about stress!

Then there's Boondock Babble. This is an easy going grandma that will take you right out to the big breezy countryside where the livin' is easy.

(The picture above is my sister, Ant Jean. This is a girl who knows how
to laugh!)


Angeline said...

Stress is a motivation to me sometimes, but when I'm over-stress, I'll pull my boys over and tickle them...that de-stresses me immediately...

Dorothy said...

I couldn't expand your
box for comments and wanted
to say hello and thanks
for the honorable mention

I bookmarked your site.

My best, Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

Anonymous said...

Your sister has a double chin. Did you ever notice that before? Do her a favor and tell her never to let people take pictures of her from the side. Or give her a paper bag. That is a great technique for covering up one's flaws. lololllll...............

Connie said...

Sister, you are beautiful, anyway you look at ya! Thanks for all the ways you support me during times of stress. I sincerely mean that!

Kim's Mom said...

What a great entry! I learned a long time ago that stress can cause illness. One thing I've found is that sometimes even positive things can be stressful, marriage for instance. One of the most joyful times in our lives, but all the preparation,hoping that everything will be just perfect, not only that day, but for years to come,the knowledge that it is such a big change in our lives, even the act of standing up, in front of all those who mean so much to us... The stress relieving tools you noted are great!

Wonderful picture of your sister. Gotta love someone who knows how to laugh! :)

Thank you for the mention, and lovely review of my blog! I'll be checking out Grammology's blog soon!

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