Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blast To The Past

It's the seventies and Ant Jean's hair is puffed up and ready for the big dance. She still has on her white gloves! What a doll! But wait! Where is her beau's boutonniere? He's checking to see if it's pinned on her by accident. Jean, did you forget his flower?

My parents had three more children after this grouping (two more striped shirts and one navy blue coat.)
I love the double-breasted buttons. We had to be going to church. Where else in the world could we possibly be going in WHITE gloves? Not to the park. The big question is whose going to sit in the 'way back'?


Angeline said...

oh these photos are really classics!

oh I wonder do they still sell such clothings now?

they are such treasures!

Wendy Reid Crisp said...

Hats, gloves, navy-blue, dry's Easter Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Connie, Our own Grandmother Peg bought us most of the clothes we wore on special occasions when we were young. The navy coats and white gloves were her doing as well as that black velvet dress from Saks Fifth Avenue I wore to some dance in high school.(It wasn't the prom because I went to that dance with John Loftus after being stood up by Ron Blaletch (sp.?) What a time consuming activity to curl our hair, and "white the shoes" and get us all dressed and to the church on time. How hard that must have been on our mother. Week after week. Looking so perfect. Thanks for old picture Friday. Love, Sister Jean

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