Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bragging Rights

This is something that has recently dawned on me and that is grandparents really are ALLOWED to brag about their grandchildren.

It's true, the secret password for the grandparent club is BRAG. As proud as we may be of our own children, it's not socially acceptable to go on ad nauseam. We can give a nice synopsis of their accomplishments, their mates, their travels, their beauty etc., but then we have to hold our tongues, for fear of sounding overly proud. Afterall, we were the major players in helping them become who they are. (Zee good and Zee bad)

But, with our grandchildren, there are all those other influences. Other genes, other environments, other rules and regulations, other people. This grants us unlimited minutes of boasting, which might really be a way of expressing gratitude for the positive influences in the child's life.
Now back to the business at hand. My granddaughter is so bright she sparkles. She is so smart she teaches me new things everyday. She has a fantasic creative mind. She is sweet and kind and thoughtful. She is so cute!

She is so friendly. My granddaughter is a joy. My grandchild is special, she's awesome.....

And without even asking you, I know for sure your grandchildren are too!

Brag on!I

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