Monday, June 23, 2008

Book Collectors

I love books. When friends and family gasp at my large collection, my response is, "I collect them." This doesn't mean I have read them all or plan to do so. The truth is, I like sharing my rooms with books. My favorite place to find titles is at used book sales, especially the library fill a bag for a couple of dollars book sale. Since Kenz was born I've made sure to stuff bags for her, too. At my house she has several shelves and at her mom's she has a bookcase.

I love children's books, but even more than that I love reading them to Kenz. She selects the selections and we cozy up on her bed with a stack. I love reading to her because she appreciates listening to me.

Tonight when I visited, she cracked up with laughter over Amelia Bedelia Goes to School. Then she was on the edge with Shelia Rae the Brave, a story about a mouse who is fearless until she gets lost. If Kenz doesn't like a book she knows after a few pages. Forget about this one Nana, she will say and toss it aside. At five, she has a good idea of the books she wants to spend time with. She has ones she picks over and over, ones she really likes. Before I fall asleep I read, it's a habit. My current read is Life Support, by Suzanne Gordon. I have fix or six others holding slips of paper or real bookmarks chillin on my nightstand. They are available for browsing, inspiration and advice.

Books are treasure chests. Once children discover the glistening gold inside they will keep digging for new jewels. Maybe someday, parts of my large collection will live in Kenz's home. I have a sneaking suspicion she will be a book collector, too!


Angeline said...

Very good habit. The habit of reading, its either inherited or cultivated or could never be part of a person's life, like my hubby who doze off everytime he holds a book...*sigh*

Dorothy said...

You are so right. And that goes for sharing music with them at a young age as well.

Books are treasures, I love reading with my five year old Noah..thanks for sharing we're not alone grandmas still reading to their grandchildren.....hugs...


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