Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday is Old Picture Day

When you're the second oldest of nine, your hip becomes a seat for a somebody. I don't know if this was the youngest girl or youngest boy in our family ( Sister Jean, do you know who it is?)

The happiest times of my life were spent on the wooden swing during summers at the 'cottage.' Hey, I have seen Kenz laugh like this!

This is from my early years in training to be a wife, a mother and a day care grandma. The curlers were, along with brushing my teeth, a nightly necessity.


Anonymous said...

Con, I think that is Neci but I'm not positive. The bride dolls! I have that same picture somewhere in a book. Do you remember washing our hair in the lake at Twin Lakes?

Tiff said...

OMG my Mom used to make me wear those curlers sometimes, I hated them! LOL

Angeline said...

Oh I love looking at old photos...the discolouring and brings back it good or bad.

I'm a person who likes to look back.

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