Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Granny Sweet

If any of you readers are nurses or have been nurses, you know firsthand, that on some days there is no such thing as a lunch break. There's a lunch snack or a quick lunch, or lunch on the go. Sometimes, lunch is a luxury.

I had time for a real lunch yesterday, although it was later than usual. Luckily, I had brown-bagged it because by the time I sat down in the break room the cafeteria was closed. A Patient Care Tech was enjoying her tray from the cafeteria. She told me she had been the last one in line. We chatted for a few minutes about one of our patients, then ate in silence while I looked over 'my brain,' the clipboard where I keep notes on my patients.

When the PCT stood up to take her tray away, I noticed that she had not eaten her brownie. It was on a small paper plate wrapped in pink Saran Wrap.

"Are you going to eat that brownie?" I asked, guessing that she was going to throw it away.

I was thinking of Kenz. I was thinking how Kenz and I could split it, maybe with a cold glass of milk. I was thinking how that brownie could be a surprise for our special time together when I picked her up from school after I got off work.

The PCT was a bit surprised by my asking, maybe because I really don't know her that well.

"Well you can have it if you want it, but, I was actually going to save it." she said.

"That's fine, sorry, I thought you were throwing it away."

"No, I wasn't." she smiled, " I'm bringing it home for my granddaughter. I like to have a treat for her, something we can share together. That way she knows I am thinking about her when I'm at work."

She and I didn't know that we were both grandmas. (We are all look so young these days.) I told her that I was thinking about doing the same thing and we laughed.

Grandmas are so very sweet!


Angeline said...

Seriously that's what has been going on in my mind. You are a granny and yet you looked TRULY YOUNG! Did you conceive Kenz's MOmmy at a young age? Or you are a skin expert?

Kim's Mom said...

Love this entry! My first thought was "Great minds..", then I thought, no, "Great Grandmas!"

I was also thinking what a neat way to meet another Grandma, at work ;-)

Dorothy said...

Great story and look forward to more. Yes nurses work too hard and don't get the credit they deserve.

Dorothy from grammology

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