Monday, July 7, 2008

More Wigglin!

After Breakfast, I run outside to brush my teeth at the papaya tree. That way I can water the tree as I brush!

Suddenly there is a funny feeling in my mouth. My tongue instantly finds a gap where a tooth has been. I hope I haven't swallowed it. Where is my tooth?"

I look down. It's on the ground! I pick it up and run to show my parents. My mom is surprised. My dad helps me place it under a calabash gourd behind the bedroom window. I am so proud.

I lost my tooth in Africa! A shiny white tooth! I will have a chicken of my very own. (I Lost My Tooth In Africa)

I asked my twenty-six year old son, "When you were growing up Mike, do you remember the book I used to read to you about the tooth fairy? It was the best story. A little girl wants to lose a tooth in hopes that the tooth fairy will leave her something under her pillow. She makes a plan and paints a piece of corn white. The fake tooth goes to a factory where it is examined. It sets off an alarm. Do you remember that book Mike?"

"I do Mom, but I don't remember the name of it."

And for the life of me, I couldn't either. Mike went online to look for it. I checked Amazon, and went to Barnes and Noble, but low and behold no one had heard of such a book.

Then last week Kenz and I went on a hunt for loose tooth books (a.k.a tooth fairy stories) at our local library. Sadly, the book was not there. But an interested librarian took down the highlights of the story and said she would find it.

Although I still don't have the book in hand, I have it in head. On Thursday the kind lady called and said the book was called... ta da... THE TOOTH FAIRY. The author is Audrey Woods.

I haven't had the time to find it yet, but I have Kenz so interested in seeing the pics and hearing the story that when we do get it in hand we will all be happy. (I am included Mike and Shell). It will be a flashback for them both. I must have read it dozens of times!

From the library, we did borrow The Tooth Fairy Tells All, by Cynthia L. Copeland. Arthur's Loose Tooth, by Lillian Hoban and a new favorite of Kenz's I Lost My Tooth In Africa, by Penda Diakite' Illustrated by Baba Wague' Diakite'
Kenz still has her first loose tooth in her mouth, but guess what? The one next to it is wigglin' too!

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Angeline said...

my niece's front tooth fell off when she bit into a drumstick last week and now the one next to it is shaking too!

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