Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Toof Time

Over the weekend Kenz lost another tooth. Now two are missing on the bottom. Holy Cow! She has three more loose ones. Five and a half year old Kenz could hardly contain her happiness when the second one was plucked, assisted by Daba and a tissue. I don't remember my children being so overjoyed over loosing a loof toof.

Lucky for Kenz, the Tooth Fairy knew she was staying at Daba's and Nana's. She came in the night, took the white pearl and left cash. Even, the Tooth Fairy understands that nowadays a little money is better than candy or toys. Or maybe she always did!


Jill said...

I so enjoy your blog. It's fun to see what you and Kenz are up to next. It is very parallel to my life being I also have a 5 1/2 year old granddaughter and she ALSO lost a tooth yesterday! Take a look. The post is titled "A phone message"...if it's not on top by the time you see it. I just put it on last night.
Keep writing!!

Jill said...

Yes I would be honored to be on your side bar. I check your blog everyday. :)

Angeline said...

*muack* send little Kenz a flying kiss, she is such a lovely girl! I hope I didn't kiss her too hard to cause other loose teeth to drop off *laugh*

(hey girl, saw my link on your Grand List. Wow! its an honour! Thanks! you are in my "Check them out" too *smile*)

Kim's Mom said...

Sounds like Kenz is going to be keeping the Tooth Fairy busy for awhile!

I don't remember losing toofs to be so exciting when I was younger either. Then again, my kids don't have a Daddy who's quite so anxious to "help" those toofies out of ther resting places! LOL My Daddy once decided to surprise me by "helping" one of my front teeth out, and got the wrong one! I ended up with the classic missing two front teeth.

Dorothy said...

I just did my first video on grammology last Monday. Sadly it's about a fight I'm having with my insurance company. However I loved doing the blog and will be doing one weekly as an update. I really liked yours and Noah my five year old is also such a joy. I really get a kick out of seeing us grandma's cherish our moments with our grandchildren.

This is a wonderful site.

My blessings...

Dorothy from grammology

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